An Expression of the Soul

Twisted Blade Malachite Bracelet

New Twisted Blade Intricate Malachite Bead Bracelet by Jena Forte

Astonish onlookers with a reflection of your inner feelings expressed through this new type of bracelet by designer Jena Forte.  Made with the shiny green mineral Malachite, this new Twisted Blade item will invigorate you with the properties of the special stone.  In addition to bringing out the emotions that are locked deep inside a person, Malachite has been used in jewelry for many centuries to protect the wearer from harm, disease, negativity, and unwanted thoughts.  It was a sign of extreme wealth in Imperialist Russia because of its rarity and beauty.  It has also been used by Egyptian pharaohs as an ingredient for their eyeliner, because of the protective properties of the stone and the beautiful colors of the mineral.  The banded tones of green consist of many hues shaped like lines and circles in motion that collectively create a mesmerizing stone filled with energy.

In this piece, the Malachite is shaped into round beads to form the Twisted Blade style.  The bracelet will grasp onto your arm with a large Twisted Blade clasp made out of 925 Sterling Silver.  The thorough details on the clasp prove the authenticity of the piece; a twisted blade stands in the middle of an Eighteenth Century style design.  If the green color of the Malachite does not suit your taste, the piece is also available with beads made of matte finished hematite, which is a dark grey color, and also with beads made of lapis, which is a stone with more of a blue tone.


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